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Meeting Information                                             

Download the Meeting Brochure by clicking here.

Scientific Program                                                                          

- To assess the scientific program, click here.

Meeting Registration                                                                                                

- Coming Soon

Abstract Submission                                                                       

 - Submission information will be available soon.

 - The abstract submission deadline is:

                                  June 08th


The ADM invites students to submit their works to one of the following
awards (click on the award name for further information):

 1. Paffenbarger Award

 2. Travel Award

*note: Participate in one of the award competitions by checking the
          appropriate box when submitting your abstract and completing
          the additional instructions.

Hotel Information                                                                             

- The conference hotel is Summerville Resort in Porto de Galinhas, Pernambuco, Brazil. 

 - NOTE: A limited number of rooms has been blocked by the ADM at a special rate. After these
   rooms have been booked, the rates may change.

 -  To book your room and for transfer information, click here.


Social Program                                                                                  

- Coming Soon

Touristic Information                                                                          

- For information about the city of Porto de Galinhas, click here


Important dates                                                                                 

 - The Abstract submission deadline is:

                       June 08th, 2018.

 - Preliminary acceptance notification: July 06, 2018

 - Pre-registration deadline for presenters: July 22, 2018

 - Final acceptance: August 03, 2018

 - Pre-registration deadline for non-presenters: August 26, 2018

Contact Information                                                                                                  

 - Local Organizer: Paulo Cesar (paulofc@usp.br)

 - ADM Executive Manager: Deanna Hilton (admin@academydentalmaterials.org)

 - Abstract Coordinator: Nick Silikas (abstract@academydentalmaterials.org)

 - Paffenbarger Award: paffenbarger@academydentalmaterials.org

 - Student Travel Award: travelaward@academydentalmaterials.org



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