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ADM Membership Classifications:

Student –with no PhD (Annual Dues: $40)
Students and Resident Students are individuals with an interest in dental materials research and currently enrolled in an education program. Students must provide a signed confirmation letter of student status from either a sponsoring member or their learning institute, and complete the Education tab with expected graduation date. NOTE:A confirmation letter of current student status on university letterhead is required for student membership approval. Individuals who already hold a PhD degree are not eligible for Student Membership. Please apply as a Regular Member, First Year New Member, or Post-Doctoral Member if applicable.  

Post-Doctoral Member (Annual Dues: $55)
Post-Doctoral Members hold a postdoctoral research position not to exceed 4 years in duration. Only postdoctoral researchers are eligible for this membership category and for a maximum of four years. Individuals who hold or have held a more senior academic role or faculty position for any length of time are not eligible for this category and should apply as Regular Members. Verification document attesting the postdoctoral role will be required at the time of application and can be provided by the section supervisor, Department Chair or Dean of the applicant’s institution.

First Year New Member (Annual Dues: $74)
(First year cost)- Active membership is $149/year and begins after new member status, ending this calendar year (December). Select this option if this is your first time applying for ADM membership.

Regular Member (Annual Dues: $149)
Active membership is $149/year and begins after new member status, ending this calendar year (December). Select this option if you have previously been a member of the ADM or you are an inactive member reactivating your membership.

Corporate (Annual Dues: $2000)
Corporate Membership shall be recognized as a special membership status for business corporations. Corporate members will receive a complimentary subscription to Dental Materials (the journal) for the membership year. Corporate member names and corporate logos will appear in each issue of Dental Materials (the journal) throughout the membership year in acknowledgment of their member status. Corporate membership requires payment of annual dues.

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